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Visa Credit/Black Card

Finally its here! The National Bank Black Card (Credit Card). Call us and apply today.
  • Low interest rate
  • Convenient, safe and secure, 24/7
  • Pay your monthly bills with your card
  • Use online
  • Accepted locally and by over 20 million merchants worldwide

To perform an inquiry on your card please click the following link. Visa Credit Card Inquiry

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 View Black Card (Credit) FAQs
1. What is a Credit Card?
A card issued by the Bank that allows individuals or companies to purchase goods and services and pay for them later, often with interest. 2. What is the BLACK CARD?
The SKNANB Visa Credit Card. 3. What types of Cards are offered?
• Visa Classic Credit Card - Personal Use - (EC/US).
• Business Classic Credit Card - Company Use - (EC/US).
4. Where can I apply for the card?
You may apply at the Card Centre or at any of our branches. 5. How will I receive and activate my card?
You will receive a monthly statement detailing your purchases showing the outstanding balance and minimum payment required for that billing cycle. 6. How long does it take for my application to be processed?
Approximately 5 business days. 7. How will I be billed?
A pin is an electronic signature consisting of 4 digits that is required to access your account at an ATM. Your pin should not be shared, and should be kept in a safe and secure place separate from the card. 8. Why is it important to pay your bill on time?
• To establish a good repayment record and credit history.
• A good credit history improves your chance of increasing your credit limit.
9. How can I increase my credit limit?
Your payment performance will be reviewed bi-annually. Your credit limit may be increased based on your payments, credit history and other relevant criteria. You may also apply for an increase 10. Will I have to provide security to get a Visa Credit CARD?
Not necessarily. The Bank may issue unsecured, partially secured or secured cards depending on a person’s credit history, bank deposits and relationship with the Bank. 11. What is a secured Card?
A credit card that is backed by deposits or real property and other acceptable collateral (for example stock). This arrangement is typically an individual whose limit is equal to the credit balance in the cardholder's account at the issuing bank. A credit card may be fully secured partially secured or unsecured. 12. Where can I use my Credit Card?
You can use your BLACK CARD any where Visa Cards are accepted; restaurants, retail stores, and online. 13. What happens if I do not make my monthly payment on time?
If you fail to make at least your minimum monthly payment on time a late payment fee of EC$25 for cards issued in EC Dollars and US$25 for cards issued in US Dollars will be applied to your account. The card may be eventually cancelled if it is not operated satisfactorily. 14. What are the Annual Fees?
  Individual Business
Primary Cardholder EC$125/US$50 EC$175/US$80
Co-Applicant/Additional Cardholder EC$75/US$30 EC$80/US$30
15. What is the VISA Loyalty Programme?
A programme that allows you to accumulate points that can be redeemed for hotel accommodation, car rentals and airline tickets. 16. How are points earned?
You will receive one (1) point for each US dollar spent or equivalent using your credit card provided your account is not past due. 17. How would I redeem points to purchase an airline ticket, rent a car or book a hotel?
Contact your programme administrator with the relevant dates and destinations for each transaction. The programme administrator will make the bookings and send a quotation which you are required to confirm. 18. What are the benefits?
SKNANB BLACK CARD offers competitive interest rates and a VISA Loyalty Programme.