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Personal Banking

Basic Savings

Get a head start with an interest rate of 2.00% and enjoy!
  • Initial deposit  $10.00 or more
  • Interest is paid quarterly

US & Canadian 
Our interest rate on foreign currency accounts is competitively priced. A low initial deposit of just $200.00 makes these accounts easy to have and to hold.
  • Initial deposit $200 USD/CAD
  • Competitive interest rates

Visit one of our branches to apply today!

 View Savings Accounts FAQs
1. How much money do I need to open a basic savings account?
$10.00 for EC personal or $200.00 for US personal 2. How much money do I need to open a basic savings account for a club,
     association or business?
EC$10.00 or US$200. 3. Do I need ID to open an account?
Yes, 2 pieces of ID. A passport and a government issued picture ID. 4. Can I remove a signatory from a personal savings account?
No. The account would have to be closed and a new account opened. 5. Can I remove a signatory from a club or business savings account?
Yes, upon receipt of authorized written instructions. 6. Can I add someone’s name to my savings account?
Yes. You should accompany the person who is to be added and indicate intentions to a Bank representative. 7. Are there any penalties for closing a National Bank Account?
Closing a savings account within 6 months of opening attract a $25.00 fee.