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Corporate Loans & Overdraft

  • At National, we understand that the needs of a business are constantly changing. Expansion, innovation and all the other avenues of growth require capital. Rest assured that your financial partners at National understand your needs and are here to help.

    Loan Requirements

    • Letter of request (Stating amount, purpose, security/collateral being offered)
    • Resolution to borrow (Companies, clubs, organizations, associations)
    • Business Plan
    • Documents supporting purpose of the facility
    • Personal/Business Financial Statements (Business Trading As)
    • Audited financial statements (Companies)
    • Cash flow projections for at least two years (Reflecting month by month positions)
    • Security documents (e.g. Real estate, cash)
    • Copy of lease agreement (If premises is being leased)
    • Memorandum and Article of Association (Registration of Company)
    • Copy of Business license
    • Copy of Franchise Agreement (if Business is operating under a franchise)
    • Bank references (Name of past and present bankers)
    • Certificates of good standing (Social Security Office)
    • Certificate of good standing (Registrar of Companies)

    Additional Requirements for Non-Nationals

    • Copy or work permit/residency status
    • Alien land holding tax
    • Tax returns for last two years

A business plan is a key requirement for a corporate loan

Borrowing Tips

  • Understand the loan agreement before signing
  • Never offer something as security that you cannot live without
  • Be honest and upfront with your lender

Enjoy the confidence of banking with National