A penny saved today

Can make a world of difference tomorrow!

Savings Account

Fixed Deposit

  • A fixed deposit is the perfect way to save for your retirement or to plan for your medium to long term goals. It is easier to reach your goals when you have the right account.

    Account Features

    • Open an account with a minimum deposit of EC$500 for EC accounts or US$500 for US accounts
    • 3, 6 or 12 month terms for ECD accounts
    • 3 or 6 month terms for USD accounts
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Free access to Online and Mobile Banking

    Account Stipulations

    • No withdrawals before maturity date
    • If a withdrawal is unavoidable, then the account has to be closed to facilitate the withdrawal
    • Accounts closed before maturity attract a penalty

    Required to Open an Account

    • Two valid, government issued picture IDs
    • Proof of address document such as a utility bill or a financial statement from another institution
    • Sign up at any of our branches

A fixed deposit is a great way to save for retirement.

Financial Tips

  • Commit to your savings goals
  • Treat your monthly savings as a bill you must pay
  • Avoid withdrawing from your account until you have reached your target

Invest in your future with a fixed deposit account