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Visa Debit

Take advantage of National Bank Card offerings. Access your savings or chequing accounts anywhere in the world. Track your transactions through our complementary Mobile and Online banking services. Sign up today!

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  • Gold and Classic
  • Convenient, safe and secure, 24/7
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  • Travel insurance, conditions apply
  • Use online
  • Accepted locally and by over 20 million merchants worldwide

 View Debit Cards FAQs
1. What is VISA Debit Card?
A VISA debit card is the most widely used electronically coded plastic. The National Bank debit cards has VISA Brand marks and the dove design hologram the PLUS on the back; this card can be used on any Automated Banking Machine or POS system that accepts VISA cards. 2. How is the debit card different from a credit card?
The card accesses funds directly from your bank account. It can only be used if you have money on the bank. A credit card on the other hand, allows you to buy goods and services now and pay at a later date. Interest is charged on your outstanding balance. 3. How can I get a card?
To be eligible one must have a National Bank account in good standing and complete an application form. The application form should be delivered to any of our 4 branches or the Card Center.
4. How can I get a gold card?
The account holder have a minimum of $10.00 and $10,000 to obtain a classic and gold card, respectively. 5. How soon can I get a card?
2 - 5 business days 6. How do I get my card?
Card and pin are mailed under separate cover within 5 business days. If you would like to collect your card you can indicate it on your application. 7. What is personal identification number (pin)?
A pin is an electronic signature consisting of 4 digits that is required to access your account at an ATM. Your pin should not be shared, and should be kept in a safe and secure place separate from the card. 8. What is the cost of cash advances from the National Bank ATM
It is free. 9. What is the cost of cash advances from other ATMS?
a. The cost on an EC account is 2% of transactions $500.00 and over or a minimum of $10.00 EC.
b. The cost on a US account is 2% of transactions over $500.00 and over or a minimum of $10.00 US.
10. Why do debit card transactions reduce my available balance before they appear on my statement?
Merchants have 21 days to process their claims. Once a transaction is approved funds are held. When the merchants claim the money, the item will appear on your statement. If the merchant does not claim the funds within 21 days the hold on the account will be released. 11. How many accounts can I link to my debit card?
One (1) chequing and one (1) savings for point of sale transactions. When you use you card at the ATM you have access to all your accounts. 12. Can I have more than one card attached to an account?
No. 13. I have my card linked to my savings account and my chequing account but my transaction was not approved although I have enough money on the accounts?
• The system goes to the primary account to process the transaction. If there are insufficient funds on that account it will look to the secondary account.
• If there are insufficient funds on that account the transaction will not be approved.
• The entire transaction amount must be on one account for the transaction to be completed. The system will not take a portion of the funds from each account to complete the transaction.
14. When are statements issued?
Statements will be issued monthly. However you may access your activity 24/7 with Online or Mobile Banking. 15. What happens if I loose my card outside of normal business hours?
Visit our website or log on to online banking to block your card immediately. Lost cards must be reported lost within 24 hrs. Call 1(866) Nat VISA (1(866) 628 8472). The call will be forwarded to a bank representative and the card will be cancelled. 16. What happens if I am off island and I want a replacement card?
We can reissue a new card and courier sent to the address that you choose. Your account would be debited for the cost. 17. What can I do if there are charges on my statement, which I did not authorize?
You have 45 days from the transaction date to file a complaint in writing. Your queries will be forwarded to the Card Centre and the charges will be investigated.