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Personal Lending


  • Buying or building a home is a tremendous achievement and something that many of us dream about. At National we have very attractive rates to help you get the home of your dreams.


    • 100% financing up to $270,000
    • Flexible and generous repayment terms
    • Up to 30 years terms
    • Low interest rates

    Loan Requirements

    • Two government issued picture IDs
    • Letter of request (Stating amount, purpose, security/collateral being offered)
    • Personal Financial Statement/s (Forms will be provided)
    • Income and Expenditure Statement/s (Forms will be provided)
    • Confirmation of employment (Stating salary and years of service)
    • Detailed estimate of the house to be constructed/repaired/renovated (Estimate to be signed and dated by Estimator)
    • Copy of approved plans/drawings of house to be constructed
    • Appraisal of property being offered as security (If buying, rather than building, the house)
    • Copy of Certificate of Title to the land being built on
    • Details of Contract with Builder (Labour only or fixed price contract)
    • Name and address of existing Bankers/Financial Institutions (if residing overseas), plus Bank Statements showing balances on accounts
    • Copies of last two (2) years income tax returns (if residing overseas)
    • Certified Copy of Alien Land Holding License. (If non-citizen of SKN)
    • Customer's cash input
    • The Customer must also have enough cash available to cover loan charges, legal fees and the cost of insuring the property during and after construction
    • The Customer should have life insurance and this should normally be enough to cover the loan amount
    • The maximum repayment term that may be offered is 30 years, subject to applicant's age

Budget for funiture during your planning

Homeowner Tips

  • Borrow what you can afford to repay
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance to protect your investment
  • Always hire qualified contractors

Don't confuse home improvement with repairs