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Personal Lending

General Loans

  • National offers a wide variety of general purpose loans, at very attractive rates, to meet your every day needs. Come in and speak with one of our experienced loan officers today.


    • Flexible and generous repayment terms
    • Low interest rates
    • Available for a variety of purposes such as purchasing appliances, vacation trips, wedding expenses, etc.

    Loan Requirements

    • Two government issued picture IDs
    • Letter of request (Stating amount, purpose, security/collateral being offered)
    • Personal Financial Statement/s (Forms will be provided)
    • Income and Expenditure Statement/s (Forms will be provided)
    • Confirmation of employment (Stating salary and years of service)

Come in and take advantage of our low interest rates

Borrowing Tips

  • Borrow what you can afford to repay
  • Always pay your loan on or before the due date
  • Pay your loan on time to avoid late fees

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