A penny saved today

Can make a world
of difference tomorrow!

Savings Account

Regular Savings

  • It is important to save for the future. One of the best ways you can do that is by opening a savings account at National. At National, we will help you turn dreams into reality.

    Account Features

    • Open an account with as little as ECD$25.00
    • Earn 2% interest per annum
    • Interest paid quarterly
    • Free access to Online and Mobile Banking
    • Free Visa Debit card

    Foreign Currency Accounts

    • Available in USD
    • Initial deposit of $200 in currency of the account
    • Competitive interest rates

    Required to Open an Account (Must be originals or notarized copies)

    • Two (2) valid government-issued photo identification documents (N.B. Passport must be one if individual was not born in St. Kitts/Nevis OR living overseas)
    • Verification (Proof) of Address: (Any of the listed items below must have been issued within the last three (3) months prior to the application. Invoices are not accepted)
      • Utility bill (water, cable, telephone or electricity bill). NB: If the bill is in the name of the person with whom you reside, that person has to write on the bill and sign it to confirm your residence (Example: "Name of person" lives at this address)
      • Letter from Existing Bank (Activity / Bank Statement)
      • A lease agreement
      • Letter from a landlord confirming residency
      • A post-marked envelope (dated within last three months) with name and address clearly visible. This would not apply to window envelopes.

    • Job Letter on a company letterhead addressed to the SKNA National Bank Ltd, Central Street, Basseterre, St Kitts. The job letter must include:
      • Position
      • Years of employment/Employment date
      • Annual income

    • Completed W-9 form for persons with US affiliations (Must be accompanied by one (1) US identification document)
    • Two (2) reference letters dated within last three months, addressed to the SKNA National Bank Ltd, Central Street, Basseterre, St Kitts. One must be from a bank (Not National Bank) & the other a personal reference from a professional e.g. Lawyer, Doctor, Minister, Manager etc. (Not Family)
    • Completed application form with information on the intended purpose and use of the account
    • For Persons with Alternate Citizenship, in addition to the foregoing, the following must be presented:
      • Certificate of citizenship
      • Passport of country of origin
      • Indication of investment type (for economic citizens)

Start saving today so that you can be prepared for tomorrow!

Financial Tips

  • Create a budget and stick to it
  • A review of your monthly budget will tell you how much you can realistically afford to save
  • Avoid impulse buying! Give nonessential purchases some thought before purchasing

Invest in yourself and your future with a savings account