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Commercial Banking

Small Business Loan & Overdraft

  • Starting a new business can be risky. National is here to guide you and bring your ideas to reality.

    Loan Requirements

    • Letter of request (stating amount being requested, purpose, security/collateral being offered)
    • Resolution to borrow (companies, clubs, organizations, associations)
    • Documents supporting purpose of the facility
    • Personal/Business Financial Statements (Business "Trading As")
    • Cash flow projections for at least two years (reflecting month by month positions)
    • Security documents (e.g. real estate, cash)
    • Copy of lease agreement (if premises is being leased)
    • Copy of Business license
    • Bank references (name of past and present bankers)
    • Property appraisal
    • Certificate of good standing (Social Security Office)

    Additional Requirements for Non-Nationals

    • Copy or work permit/residency status
    • Alien land holding tax
    • Tax returns for last two years

Bridging the gap between vision and reality

Business Tips

  • Every business involves risk. Manage your business ventures wisely.
  • Customer satisfaction is critical to success and growth
  • Your employees are your most valuable asset

Enjoy the confidence of banking with National