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Personal Lending

Student Loan

  • At National we understand that a good education is priceless. Come in and speak to one of our friendly and experienced loan officers about what we can do to advance your education.


    • Borrow up to $145,000
    • Up to 14 years repayment period
    • Interest only payments until studies are completed
    • Low interest rates

    Loan Requirements

    • Two valid, government issued picture IDs
    • Letter of request (Stating amount, purpose, security/collateral being offered)
    • Personal Financial Statement/s (Forms will be provided)
    • Income and Expenditure Statement/s (Forms will be provided)
    • Acceptance letter from school. Breakdown of expenses for room and board and fees
    • Appraisal of property (if property is being used for security)
    • Copy of Certificate of Title/Deed if land is used as security
    • The maximum repayment term that may be offered is 14 years.

A solid foundation can make a world of difference

Money-saving Tips

  • Don’t make impulse purchases
  • Avoid buying name brand items. Purchase generic items whenever possible.
  • Consider becoming a resident advisor. Many get free room and board.

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