Looking for a new or used vehicle?

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Personal Lending

Vehicle Loan

  • Whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle, National has the right loan for you. We offer some of the lowest rates on the market, so come in and see us today.


    • Flexible and generous repayment terms
    • Down payment as low as 10%
    • Low interest rates

    Loan Requirements

    • Two valid, government issued picture IDs
    • Letter of request (Stating amount, purpose, security/collateral being offered)
    • Personal Financial Statement/s (Forms will be provided)
    • Income and Expenditure Statement/s (Forms will be provided)
    • Confirmation of employment (stating salary and years of service)
    • Offer letter from seller stating the price and particulars of the vehicle if used, or the pro-forma invoice if buying new
    • Appraisal of vehicle if used (independent evaluation)
    • The customer must also have available enough cash to cover loan charges, legal fees and the cost of insuring the vehicle
    • The vehicle must be comprehensively insured for the duration of the loan
    • The maximum repayment term that may be offered is 7 years. For used vehicles the maximum term is 5 years ( subject to the mechanic's report and the security offered)

Extend the life of your vehicle by servicing it regularly

Vehicle Maintenance Tips

  • General services can prevent major repairs
  • Replace your windscreen wipers once a year to prevent smearing
  • Use your dipstick to check oil levels every couple of weeks

Prevent accidents. Pay attention to your tires.