At the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of proficiency in delivering our products and services as well as promptly assisting and responding to them. While we are always delighted to receive any positive comments you might have, unfortunately, there may be occasions when we will fall below our own high standards, possibly a delay in processing a transaction or an error while processing a transaction. It is also important for us to hear about any problems that may arise, so that we can resolve the problem and maintain your trust. We take our customers’ feedback, concerns and complaints with a great deal of due care and attention, as our customers’ inputs constitute a key element toward improving our standards, policies, products and services.

We understand that there could be few incidences where a customer might not fully be satisfied with the Bank’s products, services or responses. Therefore, we encourage our customers to immediately contact us if at any stage they feel that our service levels are not up to their expectation.

The Bank has a strict time frame toward resolving the customers’ complaints swiftly and promptly. Below is a simplified easy-to-use guide on how to communicate the complaint to us.

We encourage our customers, in case they are having any concerns, to contact their normal point of contact within the Bank or the concerned department. If you are not satisfied with the answers/clarifications, you can immediately proceed with submitting your written complaint as noted below.

Filing a Complaint

Customers wishing to file a complaint must do so in writing by letter, fax or e-mail. If the account of the situation is incomplete or there is information missing, we may contact the complainant to obtain further written information.

Download Customer Complaint Form


Fill Customer Complaint Form

Please download the Customer Complaint Form, fill in the details and email it to [email protected] or fax it to 869-4651050.


or Call your point of contact

If you are unable to download the form, you may call your point of contact within the Bank or any manager. Accordingly, the form would be provided to you as per your preference (i.e. fax, e-mail or mail).


or Visit the bank

If you desire, you can personally visit the Bank, to collect the form or to speak to your preferred point of contact

Receipt of Complaint

  • Complaints from customers may be received in various forms. Regardless of the format, complaints shall be recorded.
  • Complaints received by any Bank employee shall be passed on to the relevant department for handling and resolution. As much as possible, the written report would be a true and fair representation of the original complaint in terms of the surrounding details and the customer’s opinion. At this stage, the Account Officer will clarify any points that are not clear in order that the exact nature of the complaint is understood.

Response to Complaints

  • The Bank shall, except when there is immediate resolution, send a written acknowledgement of a complaint to the customer.
  • Acknowledgements shall include an estimated time for addressing and/or responding to the specific complaint.
  • In a case where a complaint is not in writing, the customer shall be advised to complete and submit the complaint on the form provided.
  • A member of staff will be designated to handle the complaint and the customer will be advised of this person’s name, so they have a definite point of contact. Whenever possible the designated Account Officer will not have been involved in the transaction or situation that triggered the complaint.
  • Customers are invited to contact this person if they have any questions or queries, or if they wish to enquire about the progress of the complaint.

Time Limits for Dealing with Complaints

  • Every effort would be made to resolve customer complaints on the spot.
  • Where a complaint cannot be resolved within three business days, an acknowledgement letter shall be sent to the customer giving the name, job title and contact details of the person handling the complaint.
  • A written final response would be sent to the complainant within four (4) weeks from the date the complaint is received. However, where the investigation is likely to take longer than the four (4) week period, the bank officer shall write to the complainant advising them of the delay and the associated reasons. An alternative realistic timeframe for completion would be communicated.


  • Once a possible resolution has been identified and falls within the authority of the relevant bank officer, this process must be addressed with the requisite expediency and comprehensiveness.
  • Where the bank officer is unable to resolve the issue, the matter must be referred to the department manager.
  • Where a possible resolution has been identified, the details must be communicated to the complainant.

Still Not Entirely Satisfied?

In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, the Account Officer will direct you on how to escalate your complaint.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance in filing any complaint you may have.