National Bank partnered with local folklore group, Sagga Swagga Crazy Clowns for Sugar Mas 52. The Kittitian folklore, known to be a legacy of the French Governor Lonvillier de Poincy, imitates the characteristic costume of the European court jester adding a wire mesh mask, bells and locally crafted leather hunter.

Sagga Swagga Crazy Clowns started out as a group of friends with a mission to create a place where locals and visitors can play mas with anonymity. The group has been in operation for over 11 years and has seen significant growth in its membership. Though many choose to keep the traditional style of the clown costume, some members add their own personal flair, including scary masks and colourful head gear that makes Sagga Swagga Crazy Clowns a unique revelry experience.

Performing through the streets of Basseterre, Sagga Swagga Crazy Clowns captured the spirit of our culture with their enticing and colourful suits while displaying our history to throngs of viewers during our carnival grand parade.