Your protection and security are paramount at National. We are highly committed to keeping your information secure by using state-of-the-art security technology and controlled identification methods to safeguard your transactions.

2-Step Authentication

2-Step authentication provides an additional layer of security when you access online applications. In addition to authentication via a password, a secure one-time code is used to validate the identity of the person attempting to sign in.

Chip and Pin

Our debit and credit cards have a secure chip built in, which helps to protect your card details from being stolen when you use your cards at point-of-sale devices.

Additionally, the PIN, in conjunction with the chip, provides enhanced security against lost or stolen cards.

Verified by Visa

When you perform transactions online, Verified by Visa ensures that transactions are genuine by requiring a one-time-password.

Transaction Alerts

Enable real-time alerts on your accounts to ensure that you are aware of all transactions. Alerts can be enabled on a per-account basis with the ability to specify the types of transactions for which alerts should be generated.

National iSafe

The National iSafe programme keeps our customers updated on cyber-threats that impact them.